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Ok, seriously people?

Goodness Gracious, can people please get their vocabulary straight? Now I realize that using words that don't really apply for things has been a big thing for a long time. I mean wicked, hot, cool, slammin, etc. This isn't anything new but I just have to say there are two that really piss me off.

1) Vintage. I'm sorry "vintage" does not mean old beat up piece of crap. It also does not mean ugly old lady dress! I am so sick and tired of going on craigslist or ebay or whatever and having to sift through a whole bunch of "vintage" crap when all I want is a cheap second-hand thingamajig that's not a dirty, ugly, disgusting thing that should have been thrown in the garbage three years ago.

2) Curvy. I'm sorry did the whole world fail geometry or something? In order for someone to be curvy they need to have multiple curves. There's this thing called an hourglass; it's used to tell the passing of time. It has two large sections on the top and bottom with a skinny connecting piece in the middle that the sand runs through. So, someone with an hourglass figure would be curvy, because they have multiple curves; out with the boobs, in with the waist and out with the hips again. A person meanwhile who looks like an apple and is just round all over is not curvy; that's one curve people, one! I'm sick and tired of people telling me I'm not "big enough" to be curvy because it's become a catchphrase used to make overwight people feel better about themselves.   

Also speaking of people with different body types how about everyone just back off and leave me alone! I'm soo tired of being not fat or thin enough for other women. It's not my problem if I'm thinner than you and it makes you feel bad. It's not my problem if I have boobs and a butt and you're jealous. I am sick of being treated badly by both sides of the weight spectrum because I happen to fall in the middle. Leave me alone! (or I'll sic Chris Crocker on all y'alls, lols!).

YAY!!!!! I think...

I think I've finally figured out how to have different icons in different posts. Isn't it the most exciting thing EVER!!!! It totally is! Hopefully this works, if it does then my icon will express my happiness and if not then well it wont... And then I'll be sad.... And cry.... A lot!

Man, I really to sleep. I'm having mood  swings like crazy. Oh wait... Fuck, I hate being a girl, this is bullshit! *sigh* There I go again.  

Who knew?

Apparently resisting the urge to punch people in the face does not mean you're a nice person... 

I was having a conversation with my roommate about a stupid girl in my class who tried to ridicule the way that I answered one of the teacher's questions and then went on to prove that she was a moron who didnt know that the only difference between plow and plough is one is the American spelling and the other is British. And I was explaining to him that it made me really mad that she was treating me like I didn't know english when I clearly had a far superiour grasp than she did and how the fact that the teacher was a Francophone and the rest of the class was comprised of numbskulls really angered me because they just let her do that to me even though she was clearly wrong.

Anyway, so I finished my story by expressing how I had very much wanted to punch her in the face. My roommate then inquired as to why I had not punched her since I so clearly wanted to, and I replied that I had restrained my violent impulse to inflict severe bodily harm upon her stupid smirking face because I was a nice person. My roommate then told me that he didn't think that not punching someone was really what qualified someone as being a nice person and that it wasn't as if he went around routinely wanting to punch people in the face.

Well hmmm... Maybe I'm not a nice person. Maybe I'm a wierd overly aggressive nut-job that contemplates punching people in the face and vividly imagines their screams of agony as I cause them grievious bodily harm while the rest of the normal and nice population skips along merrily with chickies and bunnies... 

Naw, I'm sticking with my initial conclusion. I am a totally, wonderfully nice person because even though I really, really want to beat the crap out of people and even though they surely deserve it, I don't . I just glare at them with the evil eyes of deathglare and imagine ripping their femur off and beating them with it. See, totally a nice person!     


All Ferrets Must Die!!!

Ok so I was just trying to sleep because I have a 9:00 exam tommorrow and I want to wake up early to study for it. So there I was sort of drifting off when I start hearing wierd noises. Now my neighbours are crazy and are always going into the hallway to cry and do wierd shit so my first reaction was now what are they doing?

But the noises were really really wierd. Like creepy wierd. Like heavy breathing, monster noises wierd combined with creaky floorboards wierd. So suffice it to say I got pretty fucking freaked out particularly since the noises were right outside my door. Now I sleep in the liviing room and my bed is about maybe 5 feet from the door so I was not in the mood for whatever dying stabbed-in-the-throat monster was outside my door and dragging itself around the hallway to get into my appartment and eat me. I was NOT ok with that!

So by this point I'm pretty freaking scared. Like curled up in a ball, covers over my head, don't breath or they'll hear you/knowyou're awake and kill you scared. And then it sounds like whatever it is is in my appartment! Eventually, I poked my head out from under the covers and there was nothing, so I snuck over to the front door and peeked out the peep hole and I didn't see anything. Then I saw one my neighbours and she was bending down near my door and I was like what is she doing! Then I saw her pick something up and heard it squeak. And that's when I realized they were exercising their ferrets in the hallway!

All ferrets should die. They're creepy. They makee wierd noises and they don't have proper spines, and they're all floppy and creepy. Gahhh, ferrets are gross. Besides, in the Brian Jacques books the ferrets were always bad guys, so that just proves it.

I HATE FERRETS! BLAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Hawwwblawwwblawwwwwblawwwww. Ewwy.       

100th Episode

Wow. Yeah, I had to get that out of my system.
Last night's (or I guess this morning's for me considering I watch Supernatural over the internet) was Haaaaaaaaawwwwwweeeeesome! Eeeeee! I can't contain my happiness and glee, I am so ecstatic I can't contain it, and frankly seeing as I'm sick as all hell that's saying something. Squeeeeee!

Ok so, after the end of the fourth season me and Sam had a kind of falling out (As can be verified by my angry rant seen here dirtydancer14.livejournal.com/997.html ). I didn't hate Sam... Except for sometimes.... But I didn't like not liking Sam, even if I couldn't remember the feeling of loving Sam, I knew it had been awesome and I knew I wanted it back. 

And now it is!!!!!!!
The ending of that episode was so wonderful! Sam used Dean's need to protect him, and be the big brother, and keep his game face on to his own advantage, but in a good way! I mean Dean has relied on fulfilling that role for Sammy since he was four years old and ran out of the house with him. That's what made losing absolutely everything (His mom, his home, his life, his safety, even his dad) bearable. Dean could deal with it because he had to take care of Sammy, because he had to make Sam believe that everything was ok, and because Sam believed in him. And now Sam believes in him again!!!!!!

Eeeee! I am so freaking happy!!! I never got over the whole Sammy choosing Ruby, and tearing Dean down, and choking the life out of him thing. I tried, whoooey did I try, but it just wasn't happening. And the thing is I never felt that Sam really made up for it. After unleashing Lillith his response was whoops, I didn't mean to and stop being mean to me. After reuniting with Dean it was well it was your fault anyway and I'm still big and bad so you're not the boss of me. I mean I don't know about anybody else... But that just wasn't cutting the mustard for me. But now he's given Dean back what he took from him and is giving him the support and trust and belief that he needs. Awwwww! Yay.

Bobby was awesome as usual! And what Dean said to him? OMG! I'd seen a sneak peek of that scene on youtube and literally shrieked in outrage and shock and omg! Oh and I loved Sam's bitchface after he said it too! Reminded me so much of season 3 and "I  shot the sherrif"! As much as that moment made me go Noooo Dean how could you! I understood and felt really bad for Dean, because seriously the guy gets back from HELL, gets betrayed by his brother and screwed by angels and then it's the end of the world and he can't fucking take anymore but that's too bad because even though he's lost faith in himself (And Sam has as well) he's just gotta keep propping up his brother, and Bobby, and Cas because there aint nobody else to do it, and somebody's got to have their game face on. Geez, give the guy a break, particularly since he was basically suicidal and lashing out at that point.  

Castiel's superman impression was hilarious and amazing, even more so because I KNEW he was going to do that! I seriously considered the difficulty of concealing blood leaking out of your chest when you're wearing a white shirt and trying to get the drop on mook angels, although apparently Cas has stain proof superpowers because I was looking when he walked in and I didn't se any which made me think that maybe my awesome idea was only going to come to fruition in my head, but then *BAM* he ripped his shirt off and I WAS RIGHT!!!   

Oh and seriously why do all the mook angels look the same? And by the same I mean like the bald demon who lost the krispy kreme guy's soul?  

So I was walking home from work today and I had a really heavy bag and I was tired and I was stressed because I have two papers due... yesterday! So there I was walking along and this guy starts talking to me about Edith Piaf in french. I live in Montreal so I 95% understand him, and he's talking about the song La Vie en Rose. So we talk for a bit and then he starts talking about how I'm a fire sign because of something or other (maybe forehead lines?) and then he gets me to tell him that I'm a Sagitarius. Then he asks me what my ascendant is and I tell him Virgo. So then we talk about astrology for a while.

After a bit he gets me to give him my left hand and does palm reading and says that I'm stuck between two paths and asks about my love life and whether I've experienced any difficulties in life etc. Then he gets me to sit next to him on the hood of a car and talks some more about my hand and how I have 3 dimples in it signifying my head, my heart and my aura. Apparently instead of using all three I think too much. So then he got me to close my eyes and think of colors and I say I see orange. Then he starts massaging my neck which is a little wierd but I figure hey, my neck/back hurts anyway so what the hey! So everything is going fine, my aches are going away and then he tries to molest me!

I mean what the fuck! What's wrong with people! Yeah... I mean who knew stuff like this actually happened? Honestly! I'm not traumatized or anything but gosh why can't "nice" people not be crazy molestors... 


Christians Confuse Me...

Ok, so I've been thinking about religion recently, Christianity in particular, and I don't get it. There is this kind of stratified belief system that I've come across quite a few times. In this system beliving that Mary was a virgin is ridiculous, and believing that Jesus did miracles is silly and yet somehow believing that a supernatural, mystical, all-powerful being is going to send you to heaven is perfectly reasonable... Say what!?!

Now, I am currently not involved with any religion of any sort, but as a child I was raised Christian and I know my Bible stories. Currently, I don't feel that I can believe in or not believe in God. Maybe there's a God, maybe not. Maybe our interpretation (or one of our interpretations) is right, maybe not. Maybe God is just a made up fairy tale to make people feel better. I don't know!

But what I can't come to grips with is that I'm supposed to believe that hell and the Devil exist and that God is gonna save me from them if I believe and/or are good, but that this same God is incapable of "magically" impregnating someone or turning water into wine.

I'm sorry if I'm gonna believe in any sort of God he's gonna be an awesome God who can do cool things. If God exists than sure, why can't he meddle with the laws of nature or science or whatever. If he created the world in the first place than why the heck not?

Hunting Things

I just had a thought. Why don't the Winchester brothers have waterguns? How many times do they use holy water against some big and bad critter and yet the best delivery method they have is little flasks? Um hello! I've always thought the little flask things were stupid. I mean it's not like they hold all that much holy water and the amount of time it must take to unscrew the little cap? That's just asking for it right there. Forget bungee things to not lose thier weapons, these boys need water guns.

What's with the anti-Christmasness?

Why do people hate Christmas? I don't get it. Christmas is awesome! You get presents and stuff, you give people presents, there's christmas food, there's awful christmas carols that get stuck in your head, there's ridiculous christmas specials that are hilarious. What's not to like?

I realize that a lot of people dislike Christmas because they feel like it's just a capitals ploy to make them buy stuff, but whatever. Buying stuff is fun! Even if it's for people you don't like, whatever you still get the thrill of finding something that you know they'd like even if you'd rather get them a nose hair shaver, a scale, and some deodorant just to be mean. The fact that you didn't means that you're a nice and good person and that's pretty awesome.

I think a lot of people don't like Christmas because they don't want to have to buy people stuff, they don't want to get crappy presents that they don't like, and they don't want to have to feel indebted to someone if they do get something they do like. Well too bad! Gosh, give me a break. OMG, you have to give and recieve presents, it's the end of the world... Sheesh.

Getting crappy presents kind of sucks. And believe me I know how it feels. Nothing says merry christmas like facecloths, underwear, or .64 cents on a giftcard, but whatever. Am I going to let a crappy gift ruin my day? No, I'm going to realize that that person kind of sucks but irregardless christmas is awesome. Being born in December really stinks because people think that gives them an excuse to give you a birthday/christmas gift. Right, because I can't tell that you're just trying to be a cheapskate and get me one thing instead of two as if my birthday is somehow not important. And I mean that might be more understandable if I was born near christmas, but the 14th is not christmas day. Despite sucky people, however Christmas is still special and hey it's not all about the gifts anyway you grinches!

What about family? That, I think is another reason that people don't like about christmas, the presence of family members they despise or that bicker constantly. And believe me I know what that feels like. My mother hated christmas which always made it very stressful, nobody in my family gets along with eachother making tension inevitable and fights, even physical ones, quite probable, but that doesn't mean I have to let other people's bull shit kill the magic of christmas or my appreciation of it.

Christmas is awesome, and that's final. Any scrooges and grinches should keep their nastyness to themselves and stop trying to ruin my christmas cheer.


I just started watching Glee and it is sooo fabulous and awesomely awesome! It makes me have glee. It makes me happy! Ok now to watch episode 2.